Maryland State Inspections

Required for any used vehicle prior to sale or transfer and all new Maryland residents

We are an authorized Class A inspection station. We have two inspectors on our staff licensed by the Maryland State Police Automotive Service Enforcement Division. We can inspect:

Before you bring a vehicle to be inspected, ensure that it is properly registered, either in Maryland or in another state. If you are not able to register the vehicle, you may qualify for a 30-day temporary registration that will enable you to legally drive the vehicle to us.

The safety inspection can take up to 1-½ hours for most vehicles once the mechanic begins work.  Trailers may take less time.  When the mechanic has finished, he will prepare an inspection report that shows the vehicle parts or systems examined and whether or not they have met Maryland’s standards.

If the vehicle meets all safety standards, he will prepare and give you two copies of the Maryland Inspection Certificate.  You should take the MVA copy (green) to any full service MVA branch office and submit it with the other documents needed to title and register your vehicle in Maryland. The Purchaser’s copy (goldenrod) is for your records.

What happens if my vehicle fails the safety inspection?

If your vehicle fails to meet even one safety standard, the Maryland Inspection Certificate cannot be issued.  You must have the problem(s) identified on the station’s inspection report fixed and then have the vehicle re-inspected by the same registered inspection mechanic at the same station.  You have the option of fixing the problem yourself, having us fix the problem, or taking the vehicle to another facility for repairs.

If the vehicle is re-inspected within 30 days after the original inspection date and you have driven it less than 1,000 miles, we will only need to inspect the defective equipment identified during the initial inspection.  However, if a new defect is visually observed during the re-inspection, the newly discovered defect must also be repaired and re-inspected.  See Maryland's regulations (COMAR (A(3)) for details.

What parts of the vehicle are inspected?

See this full list of vehicle parts and systems required to be inspected on the Maryland MVA website.

Maryland State Inspections

Maryland State Police Inspection Station #7574A. We do 'Class A' inspections (cars, light trucks, and trailers).

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